Newham Docklands Motorcycle Project


The Docklands team brings you the new ndmp Off-Road motorcycle experience, with the complete range of bikes.

Over 5000 people have enjoyed the experience since 1995 at our Docklands base; customers have taken part in the safest and most complete package of off-road training. Experienced motocross and Enduro racers as well as beginners have benefited from our dedicated team of coaches. We've got courses to develop and test the skills of all riders.

There are two sessions on Saturdays. These run from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 1 till 4. Each can take a group of up to 6 people.






Out of the saddle you will have a brief analysis of your riding performance and techniques. After a short break and a chance to watch the other group, its back on the track to hone those newly developed skills.

Emphasis is placed on your enjoyment whilst at no time is safety compromised.

Youth training starts with kids as young as 6yrs old and continues up until 17yrs. Packages to suit individuals or groups of up to 6 young people.

For more details, or to book a session, contact us!


ACU (Auto Cycle Union) qualified coaching sessions begin with signing-on. Then its straight into a complete set of Motocross riding gear. Your coaches for the session then provide the group with a detailed briefing, which will cover:


The control of your machine and the theory of off-road riding techniques.


A safety talk on track and machine use.


Followed by a group question and answers session.

Groups are then formed to enable the coach to maximise individual attention throughout the session. Then it's out on the track for a warm-up. Coaches assess riders on an individual basis and you progress at your own pace. As your confidence and skills develop, we introduce you to more advanced and demanding techniques, which may include demonstrations.


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